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Morton´s Memorial

Nathaniel Morton published this book in Boston, Massachusetts in 1669. He wrote it as a history and as a tribute to the first planters at Plimouth Plantation in New England. He knew the stories of their hardships and tragedies, as well as their successes and triumphs, because he grew up in the midst of it all. His family arrived in 1623 after his father had managed affairs for the colonists for over three years in London.

The hardship of the times became all too real for Nathaniel´s mother Juliana when her husband George died within the first year after arriving at Plimouth. Fortunately for him and his mother, eight year old Nathaniel´s uncle, Governor William Bradford, took responsibility for his upbringing.

Nathaniel, in addition to noting important occurrences in the life of the colony, also memorialized the people around him, and always gave credit to God for the good things they accomplished.

This Abridged Edition concentrates on the historical material in the book. It passes over the numerous passages where the author digresses into lengthy descriptions of how he believed that God intervened in various events. This book is not devoid, however, of the sense the settlers had of God´s blessing, but rather the spiritual side to the story is not the focus of this edition.

You will relive the famines and sicknesses, and the negotiations with the Native Americans who were to become their friends and allies (and in some cases their enemies). You will march off to war with them against the formidable Pequots. You will see how they were abandoned by their financial partners in England, even betrayed by some. Yet, they succeeded while others failed to take root in this land of great challenges and even greater promise.


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    Title: Morton´s Memorial (Abridged)
    Author: Nathaniel Morton
    From the edition of: 1669, published at Boston, Massachusetts
    This edition: Copyright 2011, Norman P. Burdett
    Pages: 88
    Price: $11.99
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