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While there were individual Englishmen living in the territory of Massachusetts before then, there was no organized colony there until 1628, when the first ships started arriving. Unlike the struggling settlement in Plymouth, Massachusetts was backed by strong financial support and colonists arrived in much greater numbers. Five ships were in the first wave of what came to be known as "The Great Migration", which lasted well into the 1630s.

The settlers of Massachusetts themselves were generally of greater means than those in their sister colony of Plymouth. They were Puritans. That is to say, they believed in purifying the Anglican Church of the influences of Rome. (The Plymouth people were Separatists. Believing that the Anglican Church was too corrupt to be saved, they separated themselves from it.)

The Massachusetts colony prospered to such an extent that they eclipsed the struggling Plymouth colony, and in the year 1691, absorbed it.


Books in the Massachusetts series:

    1634    New England´s Prospect - William Wood

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