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Good News from New England

Edward Winslow penned this account. It was sent off to England when there was a ship available. After the lengthy trip across the Atlantic, it was published in London in 1634.

"Good News" picks up where Mourt´s Relation leaves off, with the arrival in 1621 of the ship Fortune carrying 35 new inhabitants for Plimouth.

It tells of the growing-pains of the colony and provides details on how one of the backers, Thomas Weston, obtained a patent for a new competing settlement at Wessagusset, a few miles north of Plimouth. Because of this, Weston had a conflict of interest and he rarely put Plimouth first. See how these developments affected the people at Plimouth, and see how Weston´s men fared in establishing their plantation at Wessagusset.

Witness how the inhabitants at Wessagusset handled the delicate relations with the Indians who lived there, and how the folks at Plimouth helped them survive at their own great cost.

Later, follow Edward Winslow as he walks to Sowams (in present day Barrington, RI) to visit with Massasoit, the Sachem of the Wampanoag Indians. Read how Winslow attempts to discourage Massasoit from trading with the Dutch, who were visiting the Wampanoags at that time (if rumors are to be believed).

Imagine Winslow´s shock when he finds the Dutch recently departed and his friend Massasoit on his death bed.

See how Winslow risks his own life to try and save the life of the Sachem.


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    Title: Good News from New England
    Author: Edward Winslow
    From the edition of: 1634, published at London, England
    This edition: Copyright 2011, Norman P. Burdett
    Pages: 70
    Price: $11.99
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